Jeff Poole - Marketing and Communications Consultant

About Us

With years of experience in the marketing and communication space, Jeff has  also worked in the project management, community engagement and hospitably sectors.

He is passionate about helping you achieve your dreams for your business with a results focussed approach.

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Most recently, Jeff worked for a niche-market business Monkey Toe Group. Though based in Taranaki, they had a huge national presence.

During the 3 years that he worked there, there was  a 56% growth in the business and a 79% growth in web traffic.

Jeff worked in project management and communications in Australia. During that time, he also ran a catering business and set up a tea shop - Me To A Tea.

He has done a number of writing projects including co-authored a book Growing Outback Gardens.

He has many years' experience working in sales and marketing but has a wide skill base and many life experiences.


With specialist expertise in the hospitality industry, Jeff began his career working for what was then New Zealand's only 5 star hotel - The Regent, Auckland. He quickly worked his way up and gained experience across the hotel divisions.

In Australia, he worked in many of Sydney's top hotels and catering companies. He was one of 4 staff chosen to serve Her Majesty the Queen at a private function.

He then worked for a full service advertising agency with clients such as Blanco and Supercoat.